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Eurodruk – Poznań Sp. z o.o.Environment

Raw materials – valuable economic factor

Paper – Every year we spend 220 t. tons of paper. About 110t tons were made of recyclable paper fibres. The other half were made of renewable soft woods. We only buy bleached paper from ISO 14000 certificated suppliers who produced their paper on the basis of ECF (elementar chlorine-free) or TCT (complete chlorine-free) technology.

Waste is not just waste

Beside waste paper, aluminium from printing production will be recycled for secondary raw materials. Chemicals and ink waste will be professionally collected, disposed or recycled. Due to our environmental management system we aspire to reduce waste.

Clear instructions for clean water

Entities which are authorized to be connected to the local wastewater system are subject to strict quality controls with requirements of sensors and measuring points. In case of accident, ink or chemicals are professionally stored to ensure clean groundwater.

Carbon Footprint

Referred to as caused CO2-Emission, energy consumption, production and disposal. Printing presses are one of the largest energy consumers. Therefore EDS works as efficient as possible to reduce energy consumption by updating and maintaining their machines.

More than hot air – emission protection at EDP

All of the groups heatset machines are featured with thermal exhaust air purification including post combustion. A further target is to reduce or resign Isopropanyl (IPA) and other VOC´s (organic matters). We are responsible for mankind and environment.